How To Clean a Bathroom Step-by-Step

Even though we all want our bathrooms to be the cleanest room in the house, we must also admit it is the most onerous room to clean. Well, it's a dirty and challenging job, but it must be done. The job may be a little easier if you know how to go about cleaning a bathroom. Gather up all your cleaning supplies and start working.

One great tip for housecleaning is to keep all of your cleaning supplies in a portable bin so that you have everything you need as you move from one cleaning task to the next. However, the bathroom alone seems to require as many cleaning products as does the entire house combined. Keep a separate bin for the bathroom cleaning supplies. This should include toilet bowl cleaner, dust rags, paper towels, window washing fluid, bathroom surface cleaner, sponges, scrub brush, floor cleaner, and soap scum and mildew remover.

To begin cleaning a bathroom, first remove any dirty clothes or towels, and put everything back in its place. Also, you will need to take out any mats or rugs that must be washed. I think that the most difficult part of cleaning the bathroom is getting the shower clean. If it is not cleaned regularly you will most likely get a buildup of soap scum and mildew. So, because I know that cleaning the shower is going to tire me out, I prefer to begin there. If the shower's soap scum is really thick, you should let the cleaner soak in for a while before you start to scrub it.

Make sure you clean the shower curtain or the door to the shower, including the track. There is a wide variety of cleaning products designed to clean a shower. It's your decision; you can pick whatever cleaning products you like. Once you have cleaned the shower you need to rinse it well with water. That will help to wash away any chemicals and loose dirt.

After you have a clean shower, the next step in bathroom cleaning is mirror cleaning. In my house, we enjoy writing things to each other on the foggy mirror after a hot shower. Of course, the bad thing about that is that it will streak the mirror. Another thing you will want to do is dust the moldings, baseboards, door frames and shelves with a rag.

The next step to tackle for a clean bathroom is faucet cleaning. Whatever product you have that is appropriate to clean bathroom or kitchen surfaces is also appropriate for sink cleansing. The sink area may also include the base of a pedestal sink or any countertops. The toilet is the next area to be cleaned once you have finished with the sink; it is the worst job in the bathroom. There are a few different areas of the toilet, and they all must be cleaned.

Use a disposable toilet bowl cleaner or a regular toilet brush and a bit of toilet bowl cleaner to clean the toilet. Don't forget to cleanse the bowl rim, underneath the lid and the toilet set. A good surface cleaner can be used on the back of the toilet. You must remember to clean the entire pedestal, and don't forget the back part of it that meets the floor. You should be able to use a surface cleaner for this area also.

Finally, for a thoroughly clean bathroom you must mop the floor and get rid of any garbage in the waste pail. I find paper towels to be particularly helpful for cleaning all parts of the bathroom. Of course, there is less waste involved in using sponges or rags, and that is better for the environment, but I prefer to use paper towels. That way I feel I am really getting rid of the germs when I throw them away. When you have used a paper towel, just throw it in the bathroom waste can. Then the last thing you will need to do is empty the trash.

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