Complete Carpet Care

Once you buy a carpet, you should take the time to keep it clean. One reason is that keeping a carpet clean ensures that you have a healthy environment. Note, however, that vacuuming regularly isn't enough to keep a carpet clean. You can take care of a carpet in many other ways. Here are a few carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpets in good shape.

Although regular vacuuming isn't enough to keep carpets clean on its own, it does take care of dirt embedded deep within the fibers. In an ideal situation, anyone who is genuinely interested in maintaining the condition of their carpeting would vacuum daily. For those in the real world, though, keeping a heavily-trafficked carpet area vacuumed a minimum of two times weekly is more feasible. For optimum results, take your time vacuuming a room with a back and forth pattern in rows, with approximately seven passes for an area that gets a lot of traffic.

However, keeping your carpet clean entails more than just vaccuming. Shampooing carpeting is a widely used means of maintaining clean carpets. A mixture of shampoo solution is sprayed on the carpeting. This releases dirt and soaks deep into the soiled carpet. Let the carpeting dry out completely, followed with vacuuming. Yet another widely used process for carpet cleaning is using a steam cleaner. This method of cleaning uses a liquid and steam cleaning machine to bring dirt to the surface of a carpet.

Shampooing and deeply penetrative carpet cleaning are terrific methods of cleaning soiled carpeting, but more problematic is avoiding carpeting getting stained. Stains are inevitable. Once in a while, somebody will track dirt inside, tip over a drink, or spill some crumbs. The secret to eradicating stains on carpeting is acting instantly. Liquids sink in more the longer they remain on the floor. Blot liquids up as well as possible and do not rub carpet fibers. Scrubbing just makes the fibers in carpets grow weak and might produce a worn area. There are a number of different products for cleaning carpeting that are effective for getting rid of stains, yet some homemade treatments are every bit as effective. Blotting a stain with club soda on a clean, dry cloth is extremely effective. Oil spots can be taken care of with baking soda and cornstarch. Undiluted vinegar is also recognized as effective for getting out coffee and chocolate stains.

It's important to clean carpets when they're dirty, but you should also follow a few tips to keep them clean all the time. Keep your house a shoe-less zone. Most people know that shoes can ruin carpets, but bare feet can do this too. Thus, in order to make your house a shoe-less zone, make certain that everyone wears stockings or slippers inside your home. Also, keep a door mat by your home's entrance door. This mat should be large enough so that guests can enter, wipe their feet, close the door, and remove their shoes. In addition, you ought to position a door mat in front of your home. This will get rid of the bigger pieces of debris prior to people coming into your house. This mat, however, needs to be cleaned regularly too. If a mat can't hold any more dirt, the dirt will spread into the rest of the house. Taking care of your carpets ensures that they will stay good and clean for years.

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