Cleaning Carpet With Ozone

Some odors in carpets are tough, but there are some that are impossible. Sometimes using ozone to clean your carpet is the only fix. Regrettably, bad smells are frequently not contained to carpeting only; instead they penetrate every area and surface of a room, from floor to ceiling.

Instances include smells from dead creatures, fire and smoke damage, water damage with mildewing, musty smells, cigar and cigarette smells, and chemical smells.

In order to resolve this kind of scenario, along with conventional procedures that involve deodorizers, you can opt to use ozone.

Ozone is an altered type of oxygen gas. Ordinarily, an oxygen molecule consists of a pair of oxygen atoms. There are three oxygen atoms in an ozone molecule.

The third oxygen atom that makes up ozone lacks stability and is prone to react with organic substances, like bad smells along with stains. Ozone is consequently a potent oxidizing agent that decomposes odorous molecules, changing them to water vapor and different safe, odorless gases, with no perfumy residue.

Ozone equipment may be utilized for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Transforming a smoking area into a nonsmoking area. Nowadays this is vital due to the growing amount of consumers who insist on nonsmoking quarters, frequently giving this priority over perks like continental breakfasts or pools.
  • Removing odors from a used vehicle to increase its saleability. With 4 to 8 hours of ozone treatment, the cigarette smell can be eliminated. Make certain that you clean the interior FOLLOWING application of ozone, not prior to it!
  • Deodorizing an apartment prior to showing it to prospective tenants.
  • Removing smells due to flooding. If ozone is utilized for remedying a flooding situation, it should ideally be blown and circulated in the air and beneath the carpeting.
  • Getting rid of the smell of a skunk. You have heard it before - a dog got in a fight with a skunk and lost!

If you aren't sure of how to perform this task, it is wise to employ an expert cleaner familiar with ozone generating equipment. In any event, these are some variables to consider if you are cleaning carpet with ozone.

Make certain that you have adequate movement of air to guarantee the ozone is spread to any impacted area, since ozone weighs more than air. Occasionally, the ozone generator should be raised up and used with fans to guarantee proper circulation.

As with most processes, certain precautions should be used in ozone application. Too much exposure to ozone may lead to alteration or fading of color, particularly with dyed acetate material. Anything rubber or rubber based will deteriorate with ozone.

Ozone will tarnish silver and other metals that are reactive. Where animals, fish, or people are located, do not use ozone. It is important to avoid exposing leather materials to ozone for any longer than a couple of hours. Avoid exposing natural rubber or latex to any ozone. You need to cover or remove any electronic devices.

Following ozone application, it is necessary to ventilate any area (at least a single complete air exchange) before resuming occupancy, using fans and blowers to move the air as necessary.

You ought to clean up following application of ozone since certain cleansers and solvents reduce the effect of ozone.

Ozone is among the most potent, effective and affordable oxidizers that have been identified.

Ozone generating machines must not be used in occupied areas due to the danger of excess ozone exposure.

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